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Quick fix for a wooden stool

I found this little wooden stool kicking about the flat when I first moved in. It was cute but definitely in need of some love. The legs were scratched black paint and it had a grotty maroon tweed seat. I started out painting it red with some paint I had left over from my drawers

… but I decided it looked like something from a nursery school. So I got a tester pot of Firecracker 4 – Dulux‘s ‘colour of the year’ (I’m so on trend, baby) – and kitted it out in this gorgeous salmony colour. (FYI it’s not pink. I know it LOOKS a bit like pink but it’s definitely not. It’s Firecracker, k?)

The fabric I’d already found on eBay. It’s called ‘Zambia Zig Zag’ which is basically what sold it to me. I love African-style prints but I wanted something in neutral colours. Also at the time the boy had just got back from a work trip to Lusaka so it seemed apt. Here are the results:

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