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Love the look: Colour blocking

1. Pantone Mimosa folding chair, £55 Urban Outfitters; 2. Kilo occasional table, £25 Habitat; 3. Colour block quilt, £120 Urban Outfitters; 4. East Village vase, £25 BHS; 5.Folk Parson’s geometric t-shirt £65 Selfridges; 6. Ooti fabric, £65 per metre Sanderson; 7. JANSEN + CO blue and red mug, £10.50 Liberty; 8. Piet Mondrian framed art print, £145.81; 9. Marimekko Vattenblank multi-coloured cushion, £65 Heals; 10. Green shutter rug, £349 Dwell; 11. Dexter floor lamp, £154 Heals; 12. Geotribal bangles from £14 Oliver Bonas; 13. Five drawer Dulton chest, £225 Oliver Bonas; 14. Jaws multi-coloured pendant light, £225 Heals.

It started with a Mondrian print.

It swiftly turned into a full-blown obsession. You see, there’s really only one way to describe our flat: plain. The walls are cream, the curtains are cream, the floors are laminate, the furniture is wood, apart from the sofa which is… wait for it… grey. Even the kitchen (which to be fair, I love), is made up of white cabinets with wooden worktops. The place needs COLOUR and since I am yet to convince my boyfriend to let me wallpaper a feature wall or dye the curtains, the only way I can add any is through the accessories.

Luckily bright hues look amazing with cream and wood and the modern, minimal style of the apartment really lends itself to quite structured blocks of colour rather like… well, a Mondrian. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Meanwhile, no post on colour blocking would be complete without a link to Bright Bazaar where writer and stylist Will reckons every day should be a colour-blocking day (we do like to theme our days in the interiors world). Here’s a little peek at one of my favourite home tours from his blog [click HERE to go to the full post]:


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