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The Bedroom

I gave you the tour of the main living space of our flat when I first moved in… now it’s time to invite you into the bedroom…

I don’t think I need to tell you what’s wrong with this picture. Well, ok then: EVERYTHING. Unmade bed, great big blank wall space, mismatching bed linen, furniture just cluttered around the bed… ugh.

The walls have been painted a clinical shade of green which I have decided must be called ‘surgical gown white’. Changing this is priority number one and as you can see, we’ve already started getting in some tester pots. The curtains are also hospital-green which serves, as my boyfriend puts it, to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a giant Fox’s Glacier Mint.

The bed is interesting though. It’s a hand-me-down from Rob’s parents’ house and apparently it used to be a four-poster but they had it adapted. Needless to say we’re hanging onto it and actually it’s really grown on me. I love the lattice headboard and the detail on the built-in bedside tables. It has a bit of a colonial feel, don’t you think?

Let’s look around a bit more…

Not much to say here except that the cheap faux-pine bookcase has got to go. That’s a “Oh crap, I just spent all my money on a flat and now I have nothing to spend on furniture” purchase if ever I saw one. The mirror is tricky. It takes up a lot of space (it has storage behind it which is supposed to be handy but it always ends up with scarves and ties and shoes spilling out the sides) but it was a gift so I think we can assume it’s staying.

P.S. Yes, that is an en-suite bathroom you can see. Aren’t we posh? When my mum came round for the first time she said, “Gosh, you must feel pretty grown up having an en-suite.” And to be fair, when I was a kid I did think en-suite bathrooms were pretty glam. But then, I also thought velour was glamorous as a child so we can’t set too much store by my world view.

This is Rob’s version of a ‘gallery wall’. I mean, ignoring for a moment the fact that it’s a load of slightly crumpled blu-tacked photos, I like what he’s trying to do here. And some thought has gone into the arrangement. But clearly this won’t do. The trouble is, the bedroom has these built-in wardrobes which means we are stuck with a big expanse of blank door surface. Any ideas, people? This is clearly going to need some thought… ok, next.

Pros: Lovely big window, gorgeous view onto the communal garden, boxed-in radiator.

Cons: Green curtains, yet another enormous TV, that rather incongruous wooden table.

If you can look past the piles of socks and jeans and… what I think is a can of shaving foam (sure, why wouldn’t that be there?), this is actually a vintage trunk. My dad found it in his loft and it had ticket stubs in it dating from the 1950s. Knowing what a vintage freak I am, he immediately called me and asked if I’d like it, then he kindly gave it a clean and now here it is – perfect for storing bedlinen (and dumping clothes on, inevitably).

Underneath that is a vintage rug – another hand-me-down from my boyfriend’s folks. It’s a bit shabby but it’s a classic rug and there’s plenty of wear left in it. Rob loves this kind of thing. You might have noticed there’s a similar rug in the living room. I’m not sure quite how to incorporate them yet because the flat is so modern and I feel like they should be covering real wood floorboards in a red brick Victorian terrace somewhere, with steps up to the front door (oops, think I just let slip my dream house) but hey, it’ll be a challenge, right?

For now, I’ll leave you with this thought:

Fox’s Glacier Mint 1920s poster, from £14.99 All Posters.


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