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Plasti-kote and postcards for a DVD storage tower

Finding cheap media storage that is also attractive is basically impossible. They take up as much space as a bookcase but unlike books, CDs and DVDs are not pretty. They’re plasticky and uniform, a lot like the storage towers themselves in fact. Ideally I’d hide them away in cupboards but the boy wants them on show (he’s a music geek) so I had to find a way to make them blend in… or at least not look completely tacky.

When I moved in he already had this hideous ‘dark oak effect’ media unit from Argos which stuck out like a sore, synthetic veneered, thumb. It took pride of place next to the TV and looked cheap and messy. Click HERE to see what I mean.

Because it’s not real wood, I used Plasti-kote spray paint which is great on most surfaces. The project took up most of our balcony and the best part of three cans of paint but it was well worth the effort.

Here’s me getting busy with the spray can. “I didn’t know I was going to have a girlfriend who was constantly covered in paint,” mused my boyfriend after taking this pic. Oops, did I not mention that?

Our flat is in a 60s/70s block so we’re trying to stick to quite a modern-retro look for the interior. I went for a matt grey which not only calls to mind the formica-topped tables and cabinets of the 50s but also ties in with a chest of drawers I already own.

Inspiration: formica.

The results were good but a bit boring until I had the idea to stick postcards down the sides. The boy and I both love modern art and always pick up postcards in gallery gift shops that then end up just sitting in drawers or stuck on pinboards. This seemed like a better use for them and adds a bit of personality to an otherwise very boring piece of furniture. What do you reck?

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