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LATEST CRUSH: Inaluxe prints

Isn’t it great when you spot something – a design, a store, a look – you like and then discover the people behind it are also really cool? That happened to me this weekend with Inaluxe, an illustration and design duo whose abstract prints I’d been lusting after on Easyart for a while.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out why I’m attracted to them. The retro-modern appeal, the geometric shapes, block colours and muted tones are all right up my street. So while I was musing over which one(s) to buy, I decided to do a bit of research. At first glance I had assumed they were Scandinavian (that’s meant as a compliment, guys) but no, they’re from Australia. Check out their gorgeous blog HERE.

One particular post that caught my eye was about an upcycled cabinet. “I fully intended to paint perfectly and neatly,” explains Kristina. “But the truth is I like it as it is. I think mostly because it reminds me on a daily basis that making mess and not worrying about the outcome is the most fun.”

I think this is what they call, in intellectual circles, an ‘ohmygodYES’ moment.

Easyart aren’t the only savvy retailers out there. Inaluxe’s funky but accessible designs have also been snapped up by John Lewis and Ikea as well as plenty of online art sellers. And when they have quirky titles like ‘Duchamp’s Answering Machine‘ choosing a favourite is nigh on impossible. See for yourself…

P.S. Easyart are doing 15% off all orders when you sign up to their newsletter. Valid until midnight on 30/10/12   – go go go!


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