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LATEST CRUSH: Dunelm Mill’s ‘Retro Collection’

I don’t normally approve of reproduction vintage. Sure, it’s clean, it’s shiny, it’s considerably less likely to be musty and/or moth-eaten. The various parts are almost certainly present and intact but… well, I just can’t help feeling that it’s fake, you know? For me half the joy of vintage is the history – both the design history and the imagined individual history of the piece (where did it come from? who did it belong to? why is there a chunk missing out of that leg?). Plus, repro furniture is generally of poorer quality and with super trends like ‘shabby chic’ and ‘industrial’ creating the demand, it can actually be more expensive than the original thing.


I have to admit I do kind of love the new Retro Collection at Dunelm Mill. Not least because it’s so out of character for Dunelm Mill (great store but let’s be honest, not known for its cutting edge style) but because they’ve really gone for it – the quirky shape, the two-tone wood. I mean, this isn’t just a nod to the mid-century as you might see HERE at BHS or HERE at Very or EVERYWHERE in the M&S Conran collection (to be fair you can’t really accuse Sir Terence of ‘reproducing’ retro-modern designs… I mean, he basically invented this stuff), this is all-out RETRO. And it’s really fun.


Prices start at £379.99 which isn’t cheap but it’s better than a lot of stuff out there. What do you think? Like it?


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