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INSPIRATION: Blackboard walls

I’ve had a thing for blackboard walls for a while now.

And I’ve had an idea for one in our flat which was inspired by, of all people, Ben Fogle. I know, right? But seriously, his house is pretty cool. His kitchen has a supporting column, one side of which they’ve painted with blackboard paint. It creates a cool visual feature out of a fairly boring architectural detail and is potentially handy for scrawling notes on… if you can handle the fingernail factor.

Just the thought of a blackboard is enough to make my boyfriend wince but I’m convinced he’d like the effect. We have a small wall space which is actually the end of the dividing wall between the kitchen and living room. It’s just over a foot wide and I reckon it’d look ace painted black.

Like white, black provides a fantastic backdrop for art and accessories. As a result, not all of these are blackboard walls but the impact of the dark background enlivened with bright pictures, postcards and lettering, is much the same…


// Attic Mag


 // Ikea Live


// Remodelista


// Freshome


// San Francisco Girl

// Design Sponge


// Elle Decor

// San Francisco Girl

Cool, right? So what do you think? Should I do it?


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