The Cushion Correspondent

An interview with The Cushion Correspondent.

A month or so ago the Sofa & Chair Company asked if I’d like to do a guest post/interview thingy. Now, I have to be honest, up until that point I don’t think I’d ever heard of the Sofa & Chair Company but who am I to pass up on an opportunity to talk pretentiously about myself and my ‘inspiration’?

No but seriously. I find it bizarre that anyone would think my opinion on interiors would be at all interesting. As I point out, I know nothing about the design world, I couldn’t name you one ‘up-and-coming’ interior or furniture designer. But it’s flattering to be asked and it’s even more flattering to have my blog described as ‘popular’ (yeah, with my family).

And by way of exchange, let me state here and now that the Sofa and Chair company have Nice Stuff. Sadly it’s very expensive (another reason I found it strange they wanted to speak to me… I don’t exactly scream ‘luxury market’ at you, do I?) In fact, I picked out a lovely chaise from their collection that I will never own because it costs a million pounds (okay, £1299).


Anyway, if you want to read the interview, you can do so HERE. But frankly, I understand if not. Most of you probably get enough of me as it is (given that you’re mostly related to me). Plus I’m kind of embarrassed that I used the phrase “that’s what makes the difference between inspiration and imitation” as though I’m a super knowledgeable design type instead of just some woman with too many cushions and a garage full of tester pots.


Inspiring stuff: my cushion collection.


2 comments on “An interview with The Cushion Correspondent.

  1. The Sofa & Chair Co.
    December 11, 2012

    Franki, we applaud your honesty and wit – you’re very popular at our head office, and weather you know it or not – your style & interior ideas inspire many 🙂

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts with us – great read.

    The Sofa & Chair team x

  2. Franki
    December 11, 2012

    Haha, thanks guys. Fx

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