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LATEST CRUSH: Colour drip wine glasses

Take a quick look at this picture… what do you see?


Now, if you’re anything like me then right now you’re going “Yes, yes, floral crockery, sideboard, very ‘country kitchen’… let’s see… weird-looking biscuits, that yellow flower thing… oh, HELLO! Blue paint drip-effect wine glasses? Yes, please.”

(What are the chances of that being your actual word-for-word reaction, I wonder?)

I came across these glasses while I was researching something else and they immediately caught my eye. They’re from Linea at House of Fraser (as is the crockery) and cost £6 for a tumbler, £8 for a wine glass or champage flute. They’re from the new spring collection and you can buy them HERE.


Cool, huh? I especially like that they look like these ones gone wrong.


I wonder if that’s what happened: someone at the Linea glassworks messed one up and then decided to try and flog it as a deliberate ‘arty’ effect to suckers like me. I kind of hope so actually.

Anyway, having managed to break not one but two wine glasses in the dishwasher this month, I think it’s time I bought some new ones. And finding these has reignited my love for coloured glassware, particularly cobalt blue which, if you recall, is the same colour as my antique poison bottles. So before I go, here’s a quick round-up of some more gorgeous coloured wine glasses…


1. Rigor wine goblet, £35.94 for six Zara Home; 2. Sagaform club glasses, £24.99 for four Amazon; 3. Handblown Mexican stemmed wine glasses £12.66 for two, eBay; 4. Ines Cole blue wine goblets, £9.50 each My Deco; 5. Sagaform wine glasses, £20 for two Debenhams; 6. Eco recycled green wine goblets, £22 for four Rockett St George.


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