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Vote for your favourite fabric design and WIN a new sofa (what’s not to like?)

You all like fabric, right? You all like design. You all like sofas. Well, cushion friends, this could well be THE blog post for you. has teamed up with art schools all over the country to find ‘the next big thing’ in UK textile design. Some 80 textiles students entered and the Sofameisters have selected their favourite 15. The overall winner will get CASH PRIZES plus their design will go into production for the store and turned into a REAL LIFE SOFA and maybe, just maybe… cushions! *gasps*


Now, it’s down to the experts to choose the winner (Not to imply you’re not an expert but put it this way, have you ever made a sofa? Well then.) but here’s how you can help: They are also running a ‘People’s Choice’ contest and by voting for your favourite design you will be entered into a competition to win £1000 to spend at I’m not sure what the student gets… a warm and fuzzy feeling? That’s fine. Students can live for months off that, everyone knows.

I love ‘student designer’ projects like this and not (just) because my little sister happens to be at art college but because I’m really keen on anything that helps foster talent. In the creative industries, success is a crucial combination of three key things: contacts, hard work, and talent. And while many untalented, lazy people get ahead simply because they have the right contacts, there are an awful lot of talented, diligent  workers who can’t get a foot in the door because their mum doesn’t do yoga with the head buyer at Harvey Nicks.

(For the record, my mum does yoga with the French teacher at the local secondary school so… conn-ec-tions, oh yeah.)

You can see the full shortlist, read about their inspiration, see their moodboards and vote for your favourite HERE.

In the meantime, here are a few of my faves (complete with moodboards and CG mock-ups):







Can you guess which one I voted for? 

P.S. This is my sister, Eva. When she’s not knocking back Sprite like a total punk, she can be found ‘doing art’.


This one’s entitled “Fuck you Poundland and your shitty fucking frames” and in case you haven’t already guessed, it’s a wry comment on disposable materialism* and the poor quality of goods we are forced to depend on as a direct result of our economic hardship (which is all the Tories’ fault, natch) while simultaneously supporting the corrupt regimes that employ child labour** to produce these goods.


*That’s a lie. She just broke some frames while installing an exhibition and then posted this picture on Facebook.

**By no means did I intend to imply that Poundland sell goods made by child labour. That was a generalisation. I really like Poundland. I’m sure they would never do anything like that. So, ok. Are we good? No legal letters heading my way? Great.


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